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The Mission Statement

Educate the citizens of North Carolina though public awareness information. Protect consumer's interest with respect and regard to choice and differences of hair removal through mandatory continuing education, inspection of each office and each practitioner. Ensure credentials meet standards of competency without misrepresentation of status and working with associated Boards as Rules apply.  

NCBEE Code of Ethics

NCBEE Code of Ethics 26 July, 2015

Agency Overview
Current Performance
:  The North Carolina Board of Electrolysis Examiners (NCBEE) is responsible for the oversight and licensing of electrologists in the state of North Carolina. Licenses are renewed annually. Each licensee is inspected and must also demonstrate completion of certified continuing education credits at the time of license renewal. Documentation for 10 hours of pre-approved continuing education (1.0 CEU) must be submitted for proof of license renewal and accompanied by appropriate fees. While a portion of CEUs may be obtained via Home Studies, licensees are encouraged to obtain "hands-on" or interactive training via seminars offered by practitioner associations. All documentation is reviewed by the License Renewal Chairman after which a renewal license is issued to each practitioner. The Board is also responsible for testing and certifying new applicants for license as new electrologists and/or instructors. A process for reciprocity is available to practitioners relocating to North Carolina from a licensed state with at least 600 hrs training. Every electrologist at every location where a practice is maintained must be inspected annually.

Major Initiatives and Progress
Senate Bill 489 was passed and became effective in 2007, amending Chapter 88A to include laser hair removal.  21 NCAC 19 first became effective January 1, 1992 and was approved September 1, 2010 to include laser epilation and fee changes. This legislation allows laser and light based hair removal practitioners to be licensed under the Board's authority as a licensee without direct supervision of a physician; however, the practitioner must have a sponsoring physician licensed by the NC Medical Board.  Section .0400 regarding infection control became effective December 1, 2010.  It is the ambition of the Board to encourage educational facilities to be in compliance with the law.

Customer and Workload Trends
The number of practicing and licensed electrologists has slowly dwindled over time. With new legislation bringing laser and light based hair reduction under the NCBEE, we expect additional volume in licensees. The actual number is still unknown, but a great deal of public interest has been shown since the new laser legislation was enacted. The new law has brought many existing laser practitioners under the purview of the Board. To meet this demand, steps are being taken to identify and approve more schools of electrolysis training for new licensees. The availability of on-line access, as mentioned above, will encourage interested parties to enter the profession. With the expectation of more revenue due to increased interest in the profession, the administration and function of the Board will be more secure.

Future Direction, Expectations, and Priorities
The new legislation incorporating laser and light based technology under the NCBEE’s authority has changed the direction and responsibilities of the board. Developing rules that implement the legislation in a manner that protects the public safety is one of our major priorities at this time. Adjusting those rules as experience develops will be crucial. We are also actively working to improve our new website and develop improved, streamlined annual processes.

The new legislation has brought about extra work load for both the board and our part-time office administrator. Of this work, the development of new rules is one of our greatest challenges. In addition, determining how to accredit courses and instructors in a field of laser hair removal with no set national standard of accreditation will be a challenge. Adapting to board turn-over and lack of institutional knowledge of new board members remains a continual challenge. Finally, ensuring that our budget can sustain our legislative mandate over time is another challenge.

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